I am a designer informed by anthropology and a passion for food. Since college I’ve slaved away on Wall Street, co-created and hosted a TV pilot for the History Channel, worked the line at a posh SF restaurant, and built sculpture and functional works at Stanford. Right now I’m combining my interests in a business, Crunch, that I’m developing alongside some friends in San Francisco.  

Crunch is about fast food that delights our senses, keeps our minds alert, and nourishes our bodies. We’re building Crunch because it’s hard for people to eat well in America right now, because Big Food’s reliance on sugar, fat, and salt to sell more crap is an outrage, and because we need to demonstrate to the world that the marriage of savvy engineering, elegant design, and food science can produce something of value.

In the rare moments when I’m not working on Crunch, you’ll find me in the woods foraging or hunting, stalking through foreign souks or food stalls in search of local fare, and hosting dinner parties. I love that moment when I put the last course on the table for my guests, fill my glass with a natural cab franc from the Loire, and lean back in my chair amidst the revelry and banter of good friends. That is living.